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Winter Wonderland


Founded in 1996, County Durham Brewing was largely Bruce Halstead’s one-man operation for a quarter century until partnering with Toronto’s original craft beer bar, C’est What, in 2021. Specializing in cask ales the brewery offers a variety of styles to bring you back to the comforts of your favourite local.

True to our reputation at the go-to pub and brewery for cask ales, six of our packaged offerings are cask-in-a-can, nitro-infused.

Pouring Cask-In-A-Can Beer

Beer Stores

Those living, working, or visiting downtown can takeaway brews from the store at C'est What - click the "BOTTLE SHOP" link.

For those in the Durham region and beyond - click the "BREWERY STORE" link.

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Craft Brewery & Beer Store

1885 Clements Road, unit 274
Pickering, ON, L1W 3V4

Monday to Friday, 3pm - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday, 12pm - 6pm

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